In this HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Kushal Bose about the future of learning for the next generation. Check out the podcast here:

A New Generation of Learning

Kushal Bose (…
) is the CEO of Teledec, a leader in learning & development for corporate clients to facilitate deep learning, leveraging storytelling, learner engagement and effectiveness measurement. With advanced degrees in engineering and film production, Kushal founded Teledec International in 1987 to create engaging training experiences that combine the techniques of cinema to break down complex technical subjects for a variety of corporate audiences.

For 35 years Teledec has been at the leading edge of innovative training development with an impressive client list of Fortune 500 companies including: Abbot, BP, McDonald’s, Philips, Northrup Grumman, Ameritech, Kraft, Cisco, Discover and many more. In 2021, Kushal was awarded as the top global influencer in the field of education by Piktale International at the Influencers Summit and is considered by many as a thinker who can connect the dots by bringing together his understanding of engineering, music, film, history and philosophy.


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