Teledec was founded in 1987 by two engineers – Kushal Bose, with advanced degrees in Engineering and Filmmaking, and Sam Pitroda, a telecommunications genius with more than 50 worldwide patents. The vision was to create a technical training and communications company to demystify technology through the art of storytelling, engagement and interactivity. The founders wanted to create immersive learning experiences that resonated with the learners’ curiosity and fulfilled workplace requirements.

With over three decades in continuous business, Teledec has been at the forefront of learning and development since the company was started in 1987. Still, as we look forward to emerging technologies and trends, Teledec is proud to say that it is well positioned to support your business with deeper learning experience.

Teledec was prestigiously awarded as the top global influencer in the field of education by Piktale International at the Influencers Summit.

Sam Pitroda

Kushal Bose
Founder and CEO