Teledec is one of the world’s leading providers of corporate training solutions. Through award-winning learning and development tools, we help organizations shift from just information-based learning to the development of critical- thinking skills on our Deep Learning Platform.

Our AI-Powered Deep Learning Platform

In today’s complex remote learning environment, you need a system that goes beyond pass-or-fail assessments and delivers the information required for building learners’ critical-thinking and decision-making skills. At Teledec, we have a wealth of unmatched experience, which allows us to deliver 360° expert learning systems and solutions.

Let us be your critical thinking skills development partner.

Our Solutions

Critical-Thinking and Decision-Making Skills Development

The rise of AI has led to an important neuroscientific discovery — our brains’ neural pathways have a multilayered structure, in which deep-learning algorithms map inputs for the delivery of accurate output, resulting in critical thinking. The concept underpinning our Deep Learning platform replicates how our brains function, harnessing the power of our biological neural networks to combine new and known information to arrive at a decision.

Teledec Deep Learning Platform

Teledec’s new e-learning platform leverages Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to deliver consistently structured and high-quality courses, while instilling critical-thinking skills in the new generation of learners. The learning management system uses learner data in the background for the evaluation of students’ curiosity, interests, and competence. 

Teledec’s Deep Learning platform, through its design and engagement functionality, captures the attention of the modern learner. Moreover, it replicates the brain through its multi-layered functions:

  • Must Know
  • Good To Know 
  • Stories & Events
  • Ask An Expert
  • AI Avatar
  • Critical-Thinking Questions and Answers.

All this allows for the in-depth information, analysis, and judgment that form the foundation of critical-thinking skills. 

We invite you to take a tour of this world’s first Deep Learning platform, designed to enhance your organizations’ critical-thinking skills:

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