What Our Clients Say…

“Teledec has a gift for giving structure to chaos… they have done an amazing job at catching onto things and moving forward.”
Discover Financial Services
Project Manager
“The program was very well received in the field and has helped me become personally connected with our 3600+ drivers… I wanted them to hear from me directly when it was convenient for them to listen. The program with its embedded video accomplished this perfectly.”
Global Fleet Management Services, BP
“Thank you so very much completing the e-learning project on time and within budget without compromising quality or high level of interactivity and student assessment testing. The conversion of old modules and the creation of new ones (using latest e-learning tools) exceeded our expectation!”
Kraft Food
Director of Operations
“What started as our perceived need of video tour of Phoenix Closures evolved into an interactive presentation program. The change in format resulted in a much more functional tool than we had originally conceived”
Director of Sales & Marketing
“Your latest promotional Knowles video production entitled "Step To the Future", written, produced, directed and edited by Teledec is so good, I had to stop everything and write this note.”
Knowles Electronic
Director of Operations
“Our certification process was certainly facilitated by the use of video in our training effort. The video was very well received by our management and our staff. In addition to presenting the intended message, the video was entertaining and interesting. These attributes contributed to the effectiveness of the training, we also cannot fail to mention Teledec's performance on responding to our scheduling crisis. Their ability to produce a superior product under imposed time constraints was truly impressive.”
Director Engineering
“Everyone involved in the training sessions left the sessions with something they did not know before they attended, and I was particularly pleased with the use of motion graphics and animation to help explain the complex molecular structure of the products to the general audience.”
Baxter Pharmaceuticals
Sales Executive
“I was happy to see the level of attention Teledec was able to obtain and hold. Congratulations Teledec, for not only meeting, but exceeding our expectation with your creativity and professionalism.”
Director, Operations and Safety Training
“Teledec has always come up with a very innovative approach to communicating our complex technical concepts, working closely with our team, making sure that each project was delivered on schedule. Often they went out of their way to meet a difficult deadline, always remaining within budget.”
Director Business Development
“The critics have spoken it is with great satisfaction that I can report that our recent video project with Teledec "This is Trans Tech" surpassed our company's expectations. The finished presentation is being unanimously received with high praise for giving a positive impression of Trans Tech products and services.”
Manager Corporate Communication
“The major factors set Teledec apart from the competition - (1) Overall price, as I feel I'm getting premium quality at reasonable cost, (2) The willingness of your staff to work in picking up technical concepts, and (3) Your ability to do computer graphics and animation at an extremely reasonable price, again, is something rare in the business.”
INTERLAKE Corporation
VP Marketing
“I believe Kushal and his team helped us immensely by advancing our organization's mission and goals - directly and indirectly - through communication, branding, member services, educating public and influencing government policies - by leveraging technology…Kushal helped us a great deal by improving the bottom line of our Association, by improving the efficiency of the internal mechanisms of the of the Association.”
Serra International
Executive Director Serra International

Now you know what our clients say about us.