We build feature rich and engaging Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality simulations, which have been proven to be far more efficient and effective through immersive, due to the nature of hands-on interaction. 

By allowing learners to make mistakes, receive immediate feedback, and repeat activities multiple times, participants swiftly acquire and improve skills.

Teledec offers custom 3D application development across mobile, web, virtual reality, augmented reality and desktop for business education.

Teledec delivers Deep Learning with innovative training solutions combining technology, psychology and pedagogy – in order to create engaging, interactive and immersive training environments.

Our clients receive sophisticated 100% customized Virtual Reality training tools that engage learners like never before. 

Lifelike scenarios using the headsets and controllers permit trainees to look, speak, and move about freely in a 3D virtual setting, interacting with real-world objects like tools, machinery, as well as other trainees and instructors.

Here are some VR samples of our work to showcase VR applications in real training environments for real customers and real students delivering Deep Learning!

Teledec Virtual Reality Training for Automotive Industry

In 2019, the global VR market in the automotive industry accounted for $759.3 million and is forecasted to grow up to $14,727.9 million by 2027 at a CAGR of 45.1%. (

In this example the learner undergoes immersive experience in an automotive manufacturing / assembly environment. 

Training involves working on the assembly line in VR in which the learner experiences how already manufactured or finished components and products are assembled in a production line or process.

Teledec Virtual Reality makes this Industrial training more immersive and meaningful

In this immersive, interactive, simulation-based training environment, knowledge is delivered in a consistent, repeatable manner within the safety of the training facility that makes the experience memorable, scalable, and cost effective. 

Industrial plants are by nature dangerous environments that make it difficult to train on real plant interactions, particularly when it comes to emergency preparedness. 

A range of VR experiences that cover every aspect of standard operating procedures for both normal and abnormal plant conditions allows training and assessment of operators in the safe and controlled environment, providing the freedom to fail without risk. 

When workers are better trained, there are fewer accidents, injury-related costs, and production delays-and a better safety record translates into less risk and lower insurance costs.

Teledec delivers Deep Learning with Virtual Reality for 21st Century workforce

Effective training plays an important role in helping companies retain and hire the right people. 

Teledec offers state-of-the art VR / AR training programs and new learning technologies to deliver real business value. 

From novice to expert, our three decades of award winning practice-based learning approach makes it possible to gain industry knowledge reinforced with hands-on experience. 

With multiple locations and an international workforce, Teledec delivers Deep Learning in almost all industries, economy and a variety of delivery methods to meet your training needs matched by none.

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