Learner Engagement

From concept and development through implementation and feedback, Teledec creates effective distance learning programs and makes the entire process easy.



Teledec has been incorporating storytelling to break down complex technical presentations since its inception in 1987. Storytelling creates lasting personal connections, promotes innovative problem solving, and fosters a shared understanding regarding additional applications.


Teledec increases user engagement by setting clear learning goals, using creative instructional design and rewarding learners for participation. Increased engagement enables the learner to retain more of the learning material, leading to an improved performance and ultimately better business results.


It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the training and ensure that the original learning goals were achieved. Teledec works with you to establish KPIs at the onset of any learning program and offers a complete cloud-based Learning Management Systems (LMS) that can be automated to track individual performance and overall success.


Watch a quick video to see how Teledec uses storytelling, engagement and measurement to implement the principles of deep learning.


1. Learning Environment & Goals

We start with understanding your business goals and the learning environment (ILT / Virtual / Self), etc.

2. Learners & Instructors

We learn about the audience(s), Instructor(s), Identify SME's, post session support and/or help requirements.

3. Content & Objectives

We audit all available content and set requirements in consultation with the SME. We establish clear learning objectives and design criteria.

4. Training Plan & Storyboard

From information gathered in steps 1, 2 and 3 - we develop a detailed training plan and a preliminary storyboard for client approval. Production does not start until these two documents are signed off.

5. Production & Authoring

We create a detailed storyboard including scripts (technical writing). In parallel we gather all content assets, process information and required details from SME/client. The development process proceeds with close collaboration with the SME/Client until an alpha is ready for testing.

6. Testing & Approval

The work is deployed in the LMS and published to an Alpha / Beta release. Invitations are sent to designated testers for feedback and all issues are resolved in consultation with the SME.

7. Training Collateral

In parallel with steps 5 and 6, we create collateral material (Student Handbook, Instructor Manual, System Requirements, job aid, etc.) in collaboration with clients as specified in the Work Order.

8. Teledec LMS

Once all issues are resolved to client satisfaction, we publish the course in the LMS. Teledec offers fully featured cloud-based LMS for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of training programs.

9. Learner Registration

Simultaneous to publishing the course(s), announcements and student registrations can begin. This is typically done by sending invitations from the LMS roster on an ad hoc basis from lists created by the client.

10. Analytics

Training effectiveness can be gauged using post-training quizzes, one-to-one discussions, employee surveys, participant case studies with LMS reports and analytics.


Since 1987 TELEDEC has provided learning solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands


Teledec was founded in 1987 by two engineers – Kushal Bose, with advanced degrees in Engineering and Filmmaking, and Sam Pitroda, an Electrical Engineering genius with more than 90 worldwide patents. The vision was to create a technical training and communication company to demystify technology through the art of storytelling, engagement and interactivity. The founders wanted to create immersive learning experiences that resonated with the learners’ curiosity and fulfilled workplace requirements.  

This experiment was so successful that during the next 34 years most fortune 500 companies in the Chicagoland area had hired Teledec at some point to create quality training programs. When dealing with complex subject matter and content, there were simply no other vendors that could do the job to the same standard. 

With over three decades in continuous business, Teledec has been at the forefront of learning and development since the company was started in 1987. Still, as we look forward to emerging technologies and trends, Teledec is proud to say that it is well positioned to support your business with deeper learning experience.

In 2021, Kushal was awarded as the top global influencer in the field of education by Piktale International at the Influencers Summit.


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